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IMAG1865Such an exciting time for the No Bogs No Bugs No Plants No People project! The Scifund Challenge officially wrapped up yesterday (12/15) and although we didn’t meet our funding goal this time around, we were still successful on more than one front, meaning that with a little creative configuring, brainstorming and  innovation (coincidentally a few of my specialties) the project will still be completed and what’s more it will be done while fully staffed and on time! How’s that for a Christmas present? Want to know more…read on!

So while I was “rushing around” (you know, zipping through the internet jungle) during the last few hours of the challenge trying to spread the word to as many people as possible, hoping to collect a few last minute donations, a couple things were happening on my behalf.

For those of you who are regular readers. you may remember that the Comprendia company chose my project as one of four to be a part of their Scifund Holiday Challenge. Up for grabs: $300 to be split three ways, determined by whoever received the most votes. Thanks to the voting power of my loyal friends, family and social network, the project came in second! I first got the notification that I was one of the winners via Twitter

mile_stone_icon-8f128ba91409bfb5b58b0f28a9b15f24which was only fitting considering that was where the bulk of my votes came from!! When I checked the Rockethub project page and saw that Comprendia’s Mary Canady had made a $100 donation I was literally jumping for joy. It put me over the halfway mark which was definitely more than I had hoped for.

And so the challenge came to an end with my final funding total at $1280 of which Rockethub will take 12% (their fee for hosting) leaving the project with a net profit of $1126.40! While this is indeed short of what we were shooting for this round, things are working out because of a couple incredibly lucky opportunities that led to a few important developments.

Lizzie King1) Donations from the King Lab – Running into Lizzie on several occasions when I hadn’t even planned on being at school led to some fortunate conversations about the project. Although a member of my committee, Lizzie has shown total faith in my abilities to get things done my own way, never once doubting the validity of a crowdfunding opportunity. Even when the second round (this one) wasn’t the success that the first one was back in May, and things didn’t go as planned she never made me feel as if I had messed things up, instead helping me to refocus and move forward. Her can-do attitude, determination and of course, generous donations of key equipment including both a micro-scale (so we could weigh individual ants) a while back and just now a combination pH and temperature meter, (probably the most vital piece of equipment we needed) were indeed critical to making this project actually happen. I can’t express just how thankful I am that she was able to donate these items. Additionally, the donation of the expensive pH meter also means that we can use those funds to instead purchase the rest of the equipment and pay my research assistant her stipend to continue working! Yeah!!!

2) Countless Volunteer Hours from Friends & Family – While attending graduate school and trying to finish a master’s research & thesis is DSCN0526certainly hard enough for anyone, it is even harder when you are also trying to keep up with being a mom to three kids (spread out from high school to Pre-K), a teacher, and deal with a chronic illness. I couldn’t have done any of the things I have completed up to now, or will continue throughout the rest of the project without the tireless dedication of the entire team. That is why I so often refer to it as our project, rather than my project…because it truly is a team effort. Whether it is my daughter helping to mist or feed the plants, my sons trapping ants, my husband or father assisting with building materials or making the drive to the mountains, my social networks spreading the word about the project or my research assistant faithfully taking data and organizing my notebook for me so that I can actually find things…I couldn’t make this project happen without them.

3) All of YOU! – That’s right, all of you out there reading this, whether via email or withing the Bog Community here on WordPress. It is only with the help of all of you that I have been able to make this project a reality. Through this project website the Bog in a Box program will continue to grow as the research continues. That’s right, we still have lot’s of work to do, and I am counting on all of you to stay tuned for the updates that will be coming your way.

One last thing for today – If you made a donation on Rockethub and are due a reward I will need your mailing address. Please email me ASAP so that I can get those rewards out pronto. I will also be listing all Project “Fuelers” (both past and present) on the Project Wish List page as a way to say thanks! That list also appears below! I hope everyone who supports the project will take a moment in the comments to say thank you to these awesome individuals.

Project Supporters – Scifund Challenge Round 3SciFund_logo

Alyssa Larsen

Melanie Craft

Todd Palmer

Duncan Carson

Mary Canady (Comprendia)


Author: Kristina Summers

I am a borderline Gen-Xer with one foot perpetually in the fire. I started the blog Dancing to the Music in My Head as an alternative to my professional blog, which limits the boundaries I can push with my creative content. Now nine years later I can be found posting almost daily on any one of the five blogs I manage so be sure to look around, you're bound to find something of interest. Topics range from conservation ecology and carnivorous plants to developing teaching methods with new media and nearly everything in between. I am married to D and have three awesome rugrats. I love being outside more than anything rain or shine. I am a little quirky but believe that it makes life much more interesting. Got a question? I'd love to try and answer it.

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